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The Golden Delicious is the most common apple variety in Trentino, where it can express the best of its quality thanks to the ideal climatic conditions. It has a slightly elongated shape and a deep yellow color with a red hue in the most exposed side to the sun. It has a fine, juicy flesh and a sweet and aromatic flavour. Available all year.


This is the classic red apple, unmistakable for itís elongated shape and for the 5 points on the bottom. The Red Delicious is an apple with bitter-sweet pulp, crunchy and with a sweet aromatic scent.

The Gala apple is distinguished from the other types by itís early maturation, in August. It is a red apple with compact pulp, crunchy and juicy with a sweet taste.


The Morgenduft apple has a typical shape that is slightly flattened and large. It reaches maturation in October and presents itself with an intense red color. It has a white crunchy pulp and a fresh taste with a bitter-sweet aroma.



The Fuji apple has Asian origins and was only recently introduced to Italy and Europe. It has a brick-red color, a juicy, crunchy pulp, and a very sweet taste, attributed to the high sugar content.

The Granny Smith apple is originally from New Zealand and arrives at maturation in the beginning of the fall. It has a notable intense green color and a fresh sour taste. It has a compact and succulent pulp.

The Renetta Canada is characterized by a rough skin and a rusty brown color. It has a doughy pulp, with an aromatic slightly sour taste. It is optimal for baking the strudel, a typical dessert from the Trentino Alto Adige region.