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All Valentina apples are cultivated in compliance with Integrated Farm Management. This method reduces the number of invasive treatments on the apples and follows the natural biological rhythm of the orchards in order to safeguard both the environment and the integrity of the final product.

In accordance with the province of Trento’s integrated farm management legislation, our growers keep themselves abreast of technical developments in an effort to:
- make targeted and timely interventions in the orchards;
- maintain the ecological and vegetable balance of the orchards;
- effectively combat against parasites;
- minimize the use of chemical treatments.

All Valentina apples benefit from the constant attention of our fruit growers and our specialised agronomists who carefully monitor the estate orchards on a daily basis.
Among the biological and biotechnical techniques used to care for the orchards is the distribution of nests to foster the settlement of titmice in the orchards. These insectivorous birds eat numerous grubs, helping to reduce the damage of harmful insects. Hence the bond with the image of Valentina apples.

The apple section of Mezzacorona was the first in Italy to obtain the certification of the system of integrated production for food farming according to the regulation UNI 11233, an important goal that demonstrates the attention of the production of apples with the highest quality with total respect to health and the environment.




UNI 11233:2007
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