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The production warehouse for handling and conserving Valentina apples is located in the heart of Trentino and is equipped with the most modern equipment and technologies:
- 25 million kg apple storage capacity;
- 40 temperature-controlled, refrigerated storage units for the optimal conservation of apples throughout the year;
- 32 selection lines for the sorting of apples;
- 7 packaging lines, that allow the use of different types of packaging: jolly pack, boxes with more layers, bags and branding of single apples.

Confirmation of the great attention that Valentina pays to the environment and to the health of the consumers is the company’s GLOBAL-CAP environmental certification (for 60% of total production – certification of a series of specific standards for the various agricultural production to assure the integrity, transparency and harmonization of the agricultural standards on a global level. Included are the necessary requirements for food production that is assured with the upmost respect of health, security and welfare of the laborers as well as the environment and wellbeing of animals).